Keeping Yourself Safe Through Preventive Measures

Protecting your home against crime is one of the most important responsibilities you can undertake as an adult. It is a duty you owe to yourself, to your family, and even, in a sense, to your community as a whole. Your individual contribution not only secures your home, but also makes your neighborhood a safer place. Your home is your property and your sanctuary, and it is worth spending some time and money to ensure its ADT security. One way to make your home safer is to stay tuned in with what is going on in your community.

Take a moment once a day, or even just once a week, to peruse your local police station’s incident reports. There is no need to be alarmist or feel constantly threatened, but it is a good idea to stay informed. Crime often presents itself in common trends, and this can help you to tighten your security appropriately. If there has been a rash of theft from mailboxes or of cars getting broken into, you can take steps to be extra vigilant in these areas.

Staying informed is important, but it isn’t necessarily an effective method of protection, and certainly won’t serve as a crime deterrent to others. A great way to physically protect your house is with a home security system. Carefully select a system that works for your home – taking into account how many doors and windows you have, and how accessible or secure each one is. A home alarm system lets you know when there is a problem, and also triggers an alert to a command center that can dispatch security professionals to your home in the event of an incident. Once you get a system, be sure to really use it, programming the alarm each time you leave the house. Also be sure to test it regularly. Finally, advertise its presence; most systems will come with security stickers that you can display in windows as a deterrent to possible intruders.

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