Clean Energy is Available for TXU Energy Customers

I am the type of person who likes order. I don’t care what area of my life it is in either. My house is always clean, my bills are always paid, and my clothes are always ironed before I wear most of them. I even review my electric plans every couple of years in case something has changed and I can get a better rate than what I had been paying. That is why I changed my plan not that long ago. I did not get a better rate exactly, but I did change how I was getting it.

When I went to the website to compare the rate plans, I decided to look into clean energy a bit more. I am not an environmentalist by any stretch of the imagination, though it is something that I have been slowly learning more and more about over this past year. I realize that we are seriously abusing our planet, and I was interested in what I could do in my own small way to contribute to its well being for a change. I really did not know a lot about clean energy, but I was bound and determined to find out if I could make a small difference on my own.

It was actually very interesting reading about the clean energy options that TXU Energy has for its customers. Though no one has to choose these options, it is nice that they are available. There are different ways energy can be clean, including solar, wind and water. With one plan, anyone who is signed up under it gets 100 percent of their electricity from wind resources. It really does feel good to know that I am giving back to our planet, and I have even had some friends and family members change their plans because they want to do their part too!

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